Colorful Cities, a notebook for architecture lovers

We’ve buy the book “Colorful Cities: Fun and Fanciful Buildings and Urban Designs” by Alisa Calder.

This book contains 36 town and house coloring pages. Each full-page illustration contains intricate and creative designs, ranging from simple to intricate, which together will provide hours of stress-free entertainment. Coloring pages are designed for adults, teens, older children and artists of all ages.

Coloring books for adults are considered a form of art therapy. Coloring has been shown to be a great way to relieve stress, calm the mind, and even reduce anxiety. Coloring can also boost creativity by stimulating areas in the brain and helping to release endorphins. Many people consider coloring to be a form of meditation. So grab your colored pencils, markers or watercolors and start coloring!

We found that the drawings were suitable for the whole family because the notebook offers a wide variety of difficulty in the same notebook.

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