Winner of the 6 GIANT COLORING POSTERS contest!!

Hello everyone,
It is tonight, on this Sunday, March 13, 2016 that we are pleased to announce who, among the friends of our page who have taken the time to read the rules carefully and participate properly, is declared our big winner. We put the names of the people who shared our contest in a bowl and did the draw, and the winner is:

I’m still not going to give you the name right away… First, I’m taking a little time to thank you all for your participation in our 6 GIANT COLORING POSTERS contest!! We are very proud to have organized this contest for you and this one will not be the last, we really like to share the happiness that coloring gives us. I therefore advise you to get ahead of inviting your friends to join us on our Facebook page.

Well, I think it’s now time, you’ve read enough to have the right to know who will be offered this magnificent gift.. So here it is:
We will ask our WINNER to contact us by email to arrange for receipt of the prize.

Congratulations to Émilie Allaire, from Gatineau…

Thanks again everyone..