Teenage artist grayscale page

For your coloring of the day, artherapie.ca offers you the Teenage artist grayscale page. Get it by pressing on the coloring page that you will find a little further down. Print this coloring and enjoy this moment of relaxation! Afterwards, come and show us your work, via Facebook and/or Instagram (with the tags #artherapieca and @artherapie.ca).

Teenage artist grayscale page.


First, fashion (or fashions), and more specifically dress fashion , refers to the manner of dressing. This in accordance with the taste of an era in a given region. It is a phenomenon involving the collective via society, the gaze it reflects, the codes it imposes and individual taste.

Fashion is not only about clothing but also about accessories, makeup, perfume, and even body modifications. Factors determining fashion are sometimes aesthetic research (especially for major designers). Nevertheless, fashion is also determined by other factors, for those who follow it: a means of asserting one’s social rank, one’s social group, one’s purchasing power and one’s personality; or for creators who imitate, a convenient way to earn money and success.

One of its characteristics comes from its incessant change, thereby inciting to renew the garment before it is worn out or unsuitable.

*Text from wikipedia.fr

character difficulty 3/5

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Teenage artist grayscale page
teenage artist grayscale page

We adapted for you this coloring page with an image from the site ( freepik.com ) by Upklyak, we hope you enjoy this one. )
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