Coloring Damask fabrics black background

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Coloring Damask fabrics black background.


First, damask is a silk fabric, monochrome in color with a satin weave, characterized by a contrast of shine between the background and the design formed by the weaving. Its origin is Syrian, its name comes from the city of Damascus in Syria, which was an important producer and exporter in the 12th century.

Moreover, in Italy, the first centers of production were Venice and Genoa which, as maritime republics, had contacts with Damascus. Produced using a very complex technique and a quality reaching levels of excellence, it was a precious fabric. Mainly used as church ornaments or liturgical vestments as well as in aristocratic palaces as upholstery. In the Baroque period, it was embellished with designs brocaded in gold and was called brocade. At the beginning of the 19th century, its production was modernized and automated by the Jacquard loom.

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flowers difficulty 4/5

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Coloring Damask fabrics black background
Coloring Damask fabrics black background

We have adapted this coloring page for you with an image of @GarryKillian from the site ( and we hope you enjoy this one. )


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