Kawaii bird to print for free

For your coloring of the day, we offer you a kawaii bird to print for free. Get it by pressing on the coloring page that you will find a little further down. Print this coloring and enjoy this moment of relaxation! Afterwards, come and show us your work, via Facebook and/or Instagram (with the tags #artherapieca and @artherapie.ca).

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Kawaii bird to print for free.


First, A bird is an animal belonging to the class of vertebrates. The latter is warm-blooded and has a body covered with feathers. Birds have wings and legs, and have a head with a toothless beak. In addition, they are generally adapted to flight, but some species, such as the ostrich, cannot fly. They lay eggs to reproduce. There are about 10,000 species of birds and a bird can be domestic or wild. The ostrich is the largest bird in the world and lays the largest eggs in the world. The baby of the bird is the baby bird.

In conclusion, The branch of zoology that studies birds is called ornithology.

*Text from vikidia.org


animals difficulty 3/5

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Oiseau kawaii à imprimer gratuitement
Kawaii bird to print for free

We have adapted this coloring page for you with an image from the site ( freepik.com ) and we hope you enjoy it. )


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