Result of the contest “WIN a set of 12 gel pencils”

Hello everyone, thank you for participating in our a set of 12 gel pencils..

We are very proud to see that you have participated in large numbers. We received coloring pages from around the world and from all age categories of artists, both male and female.

Review the participants’ album here : contest coloring pages..


We have, as mentioned in the contest rules, accumulated your colorings from our image collection. You were entitled to one participation per day, some of you sent more than one beautiful drawing. We put the names of each of the participants in a basket, once for each of the colorings presented. The draw was made in the presence of the 2 administrators of the site using a freelance method, to obtain the most random chance possible.

We are very happy to crown following this draw A WINNER!!



Congratulations to Émeline Buisseret,
who sent us a beautiful coloring of the cat in the cabin.

Do you also want to do this coloring?
Get it here: