christmas ball difficult to print

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Christmas ball difficult to print.


Firstly, the Christmas ball is a Christmas decoration traditionally in the shape of a ball, but which can adopt very diverse shapes, which is hung on the branches of the fir trees installed on the occasion of Christmas using a thread, with a rope or a hook.

It was in 1521 that the first written mention of a Christmas tree was entered in a municipal register. In addition, as early as the 16th century, Christmas trees were decorated in Germany with flowers and fruits, especially apples.

Moreover, the ancestor of the Christmas ball appeared in the 19th century: a decorative blown glass ball, called Kugel. The latter, usually used to “identify evil spirits”, was refined and joined the other decorations generally hung on Christmas trees in the 1830s. At that time, to give them a shiny appearance and a uniform reflection, these old Christmas balls were made of mercury glass, a blown glass coated on the inside with silver nitrate or mercury. As early as 1847, a glass blower in Lauscha began producing Christmas baubles in blown glass, then in a repeatable manner and on an assembly line from 1867, thanks to the use of a blower using gas.

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Christmas difficulty 4/5

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Boule de noël difficile à imprimer
Christmas ball difficult to print

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