Beautiful adult coloring geisha

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Beautiful adult coloring geisha.


First, A geisha, also called geiko (芸子/芸妓?) or geigi (芸妓?), is in Japan an artist and a lady companion, who devotes her life to the refined artistic practice of traditional Japanese arts for performances of accompaniment and entertainment, for a very wealthy clientele. She cultivates artistic refinement in various fields such as kimono dressing, classical music, dance, social relations and conversation, games… The word “geisha” can be interpreted as “person of arts” or “woman who excels in the profession of art”.

Geishas were numerous in the 18th and 19th centuries. They still exist in contemporary Japan, although their number is constantly decreasing: estimated at 17,000 in the 1980s, there are only around 200 today, mainly in Kyoto in the Gion1 district. However, thanks to better communication about the activities of geishas, particularly through television and the Internet, the number of apprentice geisha (maiko) has recently experienced a marked increase.

The multi-secular institution of geishas maintains a close and complex relationship with the phenomenon of prostitution — between the idealization of their role and their activities, and historical and social realities. It is however certain that the granting of sexual favors by the geisha to her client has never been understood as systematic or self-evident.

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woman difficulty 3/5

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Belle geisha à colorier adulte
Beautiful adult coloring geisha

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