spring bicycle coloring pages

We offer you today for your page, this Drawing free coloring bicycle spring. Get the image for free by clicking on the coloring page that you will find a little further down. Print this coloring and enjoy this moment of relaxation! Afterwards, come and show us your work, via Facebook and/or Instagram (with the tags #artherapieca and @artherapie.ca).

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Free Spring Bicycle Coloring Pages.


First, a bicycle (also called a bicycle in North America), or a bicycle (abbreviation of the word velocipede), is a human-powered land vehicle falling into the category of cycles and composed of two aligned wheels, which give it its name. The driving force is provided by its driver (called a “cyclist”), most often in a seated position, via two pedals driving the rear wheel by a roller chain.

The front wheel is steering, which ensures balance. The orientation is controlled by a handlebar. The cyclist often has both hands in contact with the handlebars in order to control the trajectory, the braking as well as the shifting of gears.

The bicycle is one of the main means of transport in many parts of the world. His practice, cycling, is both a daily use of transport, a popular leisure and a sport.

Compared to walking, cycling is two to three times more efficient at equal energy effort and between two and four times faster. When it comes to converting energy from food into movement, it is a more efficient form of locomotion than any biological organism (the most efficient biological organism per kilometer is the swift and the second is the salmon).

*Text from wikipedia.fr

sport difficulty 3/5

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Dessin coloriage gratuit bicyclette printemps
Spring Bicycle Coloring Pages

We have adapted this coloring page for you with an image from the site ( freepik.com ) by Macrovector, and we hope you enjoy it. )


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