Positive thinking anti-stress adult coloring page

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Positive thinking anti-stress adult coloring page.


First, Positive thinking refers to a pseudo-scientific movement created in 1952 by Pastor Norman Vincent Peale and promoted in the 2010s by various actors working in the economic sector of personal development. Proponents of positive thinking postulate that by relying on autosuggestion, according to the latter, we could force ourselves to become optimistic in all circumstances, which would allow us to achieve happiness, even to influence “destiny”.
This movement thus gave birth to the law of attraction, an esoteric concept close to magical thought. It should not be confused with positive psychology which is a discipline of psychology. Some studies show the negative side of positive thinking in people with low self-esteem, making it worse. In the case of people with good self-esteem, it would not significantly improve their overall well-being. Positive thinking is essentially based on reading so-called positive or “inspirational” quotes, on repeating supposedly positive sentences, reformulating sentences expressing our desires or dreams in the affirmative form, or even visualizing situations assimilated to well-being. to be. Some actors of positive thinking also recommend reducing contact or even cutting ties with those close to us who do not share the vision of the movement and are therefore presented as “negative people”5,6 or even as “toxic people”.

*Text from wikipedia.fr


positive thinking difficulty 3/5

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Pensée positive à colorier adulte anti-stress
Positive thinking anti-stress adult coloring page

We have adapted this coloring page with an image for you by Sketchepedia, from the site ( freepik.com) and we hope you enjoy it. )


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