Lion king to color by Marie Claude Fontaine

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Coloring lion king by Marie Claude Fontaine.


First, the lion is a carnivorous mammal and a feline of the pantherine subfamily.

Second, it is the second largest feline in the world, after the tiger. The female is named lioness, the cubs are the lion cubs (lion cub in the singular). Lions live in groups, moreover, this is what differentiates them from many other felines. A pride of lions consists of two to thirty individuals.

And the male lion hunts only occasionally, he is responsible for combating intrusions into the territory and threats against the troop. Second, the lion roars. Moreover, there are only 16,500 to 30,000 individuals left in the wild, and only in the African savannah. And they are divided into about ten subspecies. There are about 300 lions in Gir Forest National Park and in northwestern India.

In addition, he is nicknamed “the king of animals” because his mane gives him a Sun-like appearance and he appears as “the king of the stars”.

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lion difficulty 4/5

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Roi lion à colorier par Marie Claude Fontaine
Lion king to color by Marie Claude Fontaine

This coloring is offered to you by the artist Marie Claude Fontaine:
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