Takumi Nariyoshi, Parisian cabinetmaker illustrator

We are very proud at artherapie.ca to partner with various artists. We present to you today Takumi Nariyoshi, Parisian cabinetmaker illustrator. Takumi Nariyoshi after having been an artist-acrobat for nearly 10 years, converted to the profession of cabinetmaker in 2010. Find out more about him here.

Takumi Nariyoshi, Parisian cabinetmaker illustrator


Takumi Nariyoshi, Parisian cabinetmaker illustrator
Takumi Nariyoshi, Parisian cabinetmaker illustrator

After many experiences in various renowned cabinetmaking companies in Paris France, he created his own company in 2013 and specializes in the design and production of lighting and contemporary furniture. Today, he exhibits in particular in galleries and professional fairs in France and abroad. In parallel to his main activity, he draws very regularly almost in a frenetic way and gives us to see a very personal exceptional universe, in which the fantastic, the organic, the cellular, the geometry….

Takumi Nariyoshi evolves in parallel in two artistic universes with reciprocal influences, that of wood and that of illustration, one sometimes taking over and sometimes giving way to the other according to projects and inspirations.


A little more on Takumi

Takumi, what is your artistic style? Self-taught inspired by Art Nouveau
What kind of platform do you work on? Windows 7 pro, for drawing at home in the evening

What is your favourite character ? William Morris
What is your favorite kind of music? Jazz, Electro, Hip-hop, Rap, Soul…
Any particular artist or band? Kate MccGwire
Do you have a muse photographer? Michel Aguilera
Do you have a favorite visual artist? Naoto Hattori

Who are your directors préférés ? Kurosawa, Asghar Farhadi, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Christopher Nolan…
Preferences for writers? Murakami Ryu, kafka


You will soon find his works in our collection of free coloring pages!!

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