Coloring Calendar June 2021

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June 2021 coloring calendar.


First, a calendar is a system for tracking dates against time. Such a system was invented by men to divide and organize time over long periods. The observation of the periodic phenomena of the medium where they lived, served as first references to organize the life of the societies. The calendar used today in most of the world is the Gregorian calendar.

Marking the seasons, the revolution of the Earth around the Sun, that is to say the tropical year, seems to have gained importance with the development of agriculture. This cycle is of relatively long duration and its flow is not nearly as easy to spot as that of the lunar cycle.

Determining the date of phenomena such as the solstices by observing the lengthening of the shadows is not easy6. The megaliths of the sites of Nabta Playa or Stonehenge testify to very ancient practices highlighting the solstices7; according to some theories, these circles of stones, as well as the forms of the Aztec and Mayan temples, could have been used to measure the years.

This observation was supplemented by that of the apparent path of the Sun in relation to the constellations of the zodiac, the disk of Nebra being an example of this from the Bronze Age8.

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Calendar difficulty 3/5

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Calendrier à colorier Juin 2021
Coloring Calendar June 2021

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