Black background butterflies free drawing

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Free drawing butterflies black background.


First, Lepidoptera (Lepidoptera) are an order of insects whose adult form (or imago) is commonly called a butterfly and whose larva is a caterpillar.

It is one of the most widespread and widely known orders of insects in the world, comprising between 155,100 and 174,233 species. These are divided into 120 families and 46 super-families.

They are characterized in the adult state by three pairs of legs (like all insects) and by two pairs of wings covered with scales of very varied colors depending on the species. They lay eggs which give rise to caterpillars. The latter are then transformed into chrysalises (sheltering or not in a previously woven cocoon). Finally, the imago, or butterfly, emerges. Their biological cycle is therefore composed of four distinct stages: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly. They are fully metamorphosed insects.

Like bees and most pollinators, in much of the world, butterflies are in sharp decline, mainly due to the intensification of certain agricultural practices (monocultures, pesticides) and locally road mortality and light pollution, etc.); Thus, the 2016 update of the IUCN Red List shows that for 462 native butterfly species assessed in the Mediterranean area, 19 are threatened with extinction (including 15 endemic to this ecoregion).

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butterfly difficulty 3/5

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Fond noir papillons dessin gratuit
Black background butterflies free drawing

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