Spring Bride by YamPuff

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Spring Bride by YamPuff.


First, A bride is a woman who is about to or has just married. At marriage, the bride’s future spouse (if male) is usually referred to as the bridegroom, bridegroom, or bridegroom. In the Anglo-Saxon world, the bride can be accompanied by one or more bridesmaids.

Marriage is a contractual and/or ritual conjugal union, recognized and regulated by a legal or religious institution which determines its terms. The term designates both the ritual ceremony, the resulting union and the institution by defining the rules. It is one of the frameworks establishing the family structures of a society. Moreover, the importance of marriage also differs between societies. In particular according to the presence or not of other forms of conjugality (common-law union, concubinage, civil union).

*Text from wikipedia.fr


bride difficulty 3/5

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Mariée du printemps par YamPuff
Spring Bride by YamPuff

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