Action movie onomatopoeia coloring page

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Action movie onomatopoeia coloring page.


First, Onomatopoeia is a category of interjections emitted to simulate a particular noise. Some onomatopoeias are spontaneously improvised, others are conventional.

For example, the expressions “cui-cui” and “piou-piou” are the onomatopoeia designating the cry of the baby bird. “Crac” evokes the sound of a branch being broken or a tree falling to the ground. “plaf” and “plouf” correspond to the sound of a dive.

Linguistic studies have renewed their interest in the study of onomatopoeia, in particular because of their phonological value: the emission of an onomatopoeia is determined by the configuration of the phonetic system and its use according to the regions. The onomatopoeias would have been, with the gestural language, one of the first demonstrations of the potentialities of linguistic communication of the man.

In Japan, there are countless onomatopoeias which, like in English, have both verbal and nominal functions.

Some comic book writers have given new relief to the concept of onomatopoeia. For example, Franquin worked on improving sound transcription through expressive typographical fantasies. Carali and Édika have set up imaginary onomatopoeias, further removed from the noise to be reproduced but charged with a comedy in keeping with the band (“balouza, kwika, woga chtonga, azlok”: fist in the face). Charlie Schlingo has sometimes used onomatopoeia literally taking the action: the sound made by the action of cutting ham is simply “coupdujambon”. This technique is also found in the Léonard comic strip, where the sound caused when you knock on an empty container is: “empty”. American cartoonist Don Martin also specialized in incongruous onomatopoeia, which sometimes constituted the only “words” in his stories.

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Action movie onomatopoeia coloring page
Action movie onomatopoeia coloring page

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