Happy winter animals to draw

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Happy winter animals to draw.


First, Winter is one of the four seasons of the year in the temperate and polar zones of the Earth. Winter follows autumn and precedes spring. There are several definitions of winter: astronomical (season including the lowest days of the year); meteorological (season including the coldest months of the year); and calendar (the dates of which vary depending on the country).

Also, in the northern hemisphere, winter falls between the last quarter of the year and the first of the following year. In the southern hemisphere, it is between the second and third quarters of the year. By any definition, it is the period of rest for plants and hibernation for animals. The shortest distance between the Sun and the Earth, the perihelion, occurs during winter in the northern hemisphere.

Second, snow and ice accumulations are primarily associated with winter in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, the more maritime climate and the relative absence of continental masses below 40° S make the winters milder; snow and ice are rarer in populated areas of the southern hemisphere.

In general, the closer you get to the poles, and the further east you go in the continental masses of the northern hemisphere, the more severe the winter is deemed to be. This is also true in the mountains as the altitude increases.

*Text from wikipedia.fr

animals difficulty 3/5

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Joyeux animaux hiver à dessiner
Happy winter animals to draw

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