Free coloring beetle complex

We offer you today for your coloring the free complex beetle to color. Get it by pressing on the coloring page that you will find a little further down. Print this coloring and enjoy this moment of relaxation! Afterwards, come and show us your work, via Facebook and/or Instagram (with the tags #artherapieca and

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Free coloring beetle complex.


First, beetles (Coleoptera) are an order of holometabolous insects with elytra protecting their wings. The word “beetle” comes from the Greek κολεός “scabbard” and πτερόν “wing”. This is the animal order with the largest number of described species (nearly 387,000 described in 20151 but the total number, based on statistical estimates, is estimated at 1.5 million species). Many species or groups of species have well established vernacular names; beetles, lady beetles, stag beetles, leaf beetles, cockchafers, weevils, ground beetles, leaf beetles, for example, are beetles.

Provided with effective shielding by transforming the upper wings into protective sheaths, a rigid exoskeleton, a diversified diet, a high reproductive potential and a pupal stage of metamorphosis, these factors favoring the colonization of numerous ecological niches explain their evolutionary success.

The life cycle of insects goes through several stages of physical transformations called “moults” and generally involves several metamorphoses.

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insects difficulty 4/5

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Complexe coléoptère gratuit à colorier
Free coloring beetle complex

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