Grasshoppers black background coloring page

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Grasshoppers black background coloring page.


First, Sauterelle is an ambiguous vernacular name designating in French not a genus, but several families and subfamilies of orthoptera insects common almost everywhere in the world and which move by jumping using their long hind legs. This term derives from “jump”. They have long antennae, and hearing organs located on their front legs. The Americans call them katydids and the English bush-crickets.

The name “grasshopper” is reserved by specialists for certain species of orthoptera with long antennae belonging to the family Tettigoniidae (suborder ensifers). In common parlance the name is often also used for species of the Caelifera suborder, which have short antennae, but these are more correctly called grasshoppers or locusts.

The grasshopper family stricto sensu, the Tettigoniidae, contains more than 6,400 species. It is a member of the suborder Ensifera and generally considered to be the only non-extinct family within the superfamily Tettigonioidea.

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Insect difficulty 3/5

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Page fond noir sauterelles à colorier
Grasshoppers black background coloring page

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