Chibi elf to draw by YamPuff

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Chibi elf to draw by YamPuff.


First, An elf is a legendary anthropomorphic creature whose appearance, role and symbolism can be very diverse. Originally, they were beings from Norse mythology, the memory of which still lives on in Scandinavian folklore. Elves were originally minor deities of nature and fertility. In addition, they are found in Celtic mythology, since some Irish and Scottish texts mention them.

Their figure is taken up later in literature, as a marvelous element of fairy tales and fantasy. The success of JRR Tolkien’s tales, in which beautiful, noble, and wise characters are referred to as elves, makes them an archetype of fantasy character and role-playing. The appearance of the elf in the perception of connoisseurs of fantasy has changed due to its literary success. They become beings of youthful appearance and great beauty, most often living in forests. Considered immortal and endowed with magical powers, they are physically distinguished from humans by their pointed ears and more slender appearance.

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Elf difficulty 3/5

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Chibi elfe à dessiner par YamPuff
Chibi elf to draw by YamPuff

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