Support for Australia by Marie Claude Fontaine

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Support for Australia by Marie Claude Fontaine.


Firstly, Australia’s 2019-2020 bushfire season is seeing one of the largest wildfires in Australian history.

The fire has already burned approximately 18,600,000 ha, destroyed more than 6,500 buildings (including more than 2,683 houses) and killed at least 33 people as of January 24. The fires have also had an impact on the fauna and flora.

The damage from these fires is not as significant in terms of area as those of 1974-1975 which burned 117,000,000 ha, but much greater in terms of duration, seasonality and ecosystems affected.

The name “megafires” has been used on several occasions to designate this type of fires merging together and ravaging very large areas.

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Australia difficulty 3/5

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Support pour Australie par Marie Claude Fontaine
Support for Australia by Marie Claude Fontaine

This coloring is offered to you by the artist Marie Claude Fontaine:
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