The benefits of coloring for adults

Following our reading on the canal vie site, we have decided to share their article The benefits of coloring for adults.

Looking for a way to eliminate stress easily? Adult coloring may be the solution! Discover the benefits of this art therapy which is absolutely not reserved for children.

In vogue for a few years, coloring for adults has been booming for a few months. Do not believe that these are childish drawings, on the contrary! The pages of adult coloring books contain complex drawings (often mandalas), exploded and requiring a lot of precision. The diversified forms force the adult to concentrate, thus forgetting his immediate environment and his daily hassles. A notebook, some coloring pencils and you’re ready to start!

The benefits of coloring for adults.


Coloring, an anti-stress activity.

Coloring for adults has a specific purpose: to significantly reduce stress. Thanks to the required concentration, the artist disconnects from everyday life and forgets the stressful elements that may have affected him during the day.

Even better, researchers have found that coloring is great exercise for the brain. The necessary concentration reduces the impacts of unpleasant emotions felt during a day.

Coloring also makes it possible, in an unconscious way, to undertake a reflection on one’s own life. An element that continues even once the notebook is put away. This activity would even help to make decisions, sometimes difficult, or even to refocus or reorient one’s life. And all this with the help of more complex geometric shapes and designs.

Some benefits of coloring.

Even though these coloring books offer pre-determined designs, each page appeals to the creative spirit within you. There is a way to escape from a particularly difficult situation: illness, addictions, depression or behavioral disorder.

In the elderly, this form of art therapy can even restructure thought and develop concentration. Coloring would even be beneficial in slowing down the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

And more!

In addition to reducing stress and its impacts, coloring for adults allows:

– to preserve the sense of creativity;
– to calm anxieties;
– to increase self-esteem thanks to the achievements obtained;
– to verbalize their emotions;
– regulate the beating of the heart;
– to maintain fine mobility of the upper limbs;
– promote the development of the two hemispheres of the brain, namely logic (left) and creativity (right);
– create an environment conducive to relaxation.

All this without counting that this inexpensive activity can be practiced at your own pace and anywhere. In addition, practiced in groups, this art form promotes the maintenance of social ties and sharing between adults. It also improves the parent/child/grandchild bond.

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