cute bat coloring halloween

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Adorable bat coloring halloween.


First, chiroptera (Chiroptera), commonly called bats, are an order of the class Mammalia, with more than a thousand species. These nocturnal flying animals are often capable of echolocation to orient themselves in the dark.

Echolocation is well developed only in insectivorous microbats. Generally active at night, they can navigate in the dark by emitting ultrasounds whose reflection they pick up, thus echolocating their prey and obstacles. Megabats, on the other hand, rely more on sight and smell.

Chiroptera are the only mammals capable of active flight, to be distinguished from the gliding flight practiced by flying squirrels, sugar gliders or galeopithecus1. They move through the air thanks to a wing formed by a membrane of skin between the body, the limbs and the fingers. Most species land only exceptionally on the ground and move clumsily there. They rest by clinging to the roughness by the claws of the toes.

In cultivated areas, inhabited or undergoing deforestation, many species of chiroptera are in sharp decline or have locally disappeared. Some are the subject of restoration plans or enjoy protection status, particularly in France.

In popular culture, the image of the bat can be beneficial or evil depending on the country. Because of their strange appearance and their nocturnal life and, consequently, the mystery that surrounds their way of life, they are often victims of received ideas that have earned them long persecuted by man.

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bat difficulty 2/5

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Adorable Chauve-souris coloriage halloween
cute bat coloring halloween

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