Very difficult drawing Rawpixel chameleon

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Very difficult drawing Rawpixel chameleon.


First, The Chamaeleonidae are a family of mainly arboreal saurians, defined by Constantine Samuel Rafinesque in 1815. It contains nearly 200 species of chameleons. This family is divided into two subfamilies: Chamaeleoninae and Brookesiinae.

They are animals that are characterized by the independent mobility of their eyes, their protractile tongue which allows them to catch their prey from a distance, the fingers grouped in two opposable blocks ensuring a good grip on the branches and their ability to change color. , and finally their tail which is used to stabilize.

In addition, Chameleons are also known for their varied colors, and especially the ability in some species to change it quickly. Their epidermis has two layers of nanocrystals that allow them to change color and reflect near-infrared light.

However, it is mainly a mechanism of social communication (dark colors mark anger, aggression, with variations of the stripes on the sides and changing visual signals which concentrate on the face of the combatants; the males use light and varied colors to woo females), not a camouflage technique. However most chameleons seem to use color change for both purposes. The change of color would have appeared first as a means of communication, the camouflage intervening only secondarily. The Bradypodion taeniabronchum uses this camouflage technique with remarkable efficiency.

The dresses of the chameleons make it possible to identify them: everyone has a favorite environment. Dwarf chameleons, which are more terrestrial, generally have a rather brown color, while tree-dwelling species often wear green, yellow or blue.

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chameleon difficulty 4/5

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Dessin très difficile Rawpixel caméléon
Very difficult drawing Rawpixel chameleon

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