monstera leaves to draw free

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Monstera leaves to draw free.


First, the leaf is, in plant morphology, the specialized organ for photosynthesis in higher plants. It is inserted into the stems of plants at the nodes. In the axil of the leaf is an axillary bud. It is also the seat of breathing and perspiration. Leaves can specialize, especially to store nutrients and water.

In addition, to fulfill its role, a leaf is generally made up of a thin, flat aerial blade, the limb, which allows it to expose a maximum surface area to light. It is the palisade parenchyma, a particular type of tissue in the leaf, which carries out photosynthesis thanks to its cells containing the chloroplasts, and gives the leaf its green color. The leaf has a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures or even ornamentations in the plant kingdom. These peculiarities of the leaf are often characteristic of a plant species, or at least of a genus.

Leafing or foliation is an innumerable name which designates, for non-persistent plants, the appearance of leaves, a seasonal phase concomitant with bud burst.

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sheets difficulty 2/5

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Feuilles monstera à dessiner gratuit
monstera leaves to draw free

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