Drawing chibi ice cream by YamPuff

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Drawing chibi ice cream by YamPuff.


First, Chibi is a Japanese word that defines a small person, a baby or a child. It can have a very different meaning when addressed to an adult. The comparable term in French is abortion or villain.

Also, in the West, a chibi is a child or baby or the “young” version of a manga anime character. Sometimes the word chibi is associated with a character name to denote the child version of the character (examples: Chibi Vegeta, Chibi Marik, Chibi Sailor Moon, and Chibi Sonic). This form is mainly used for anime or manga characters.

Second, chibis are known to speak with a very small child’s voice, to have big stuffed dog eyes, and to be mischievous. Additionally, chibis tend to have no fingers, their hands look like those of a cloth doll or appear to be covered by mittens. Chibis often don’t have feet. Moreover, instead, their straight legs end like a kind of “flesh hoof” in other words cut clean in the continuity of the leg; or, they can also have V/U shaped “stumps” like a ballerina’s shoes.

Incidentally, the term Chibi was popularized by the anime Sailor Moon with the character Chibiusa/Chibi-Moon. In addition, chibi can also be animals, objects, famous people, video game characters, zodiac signs, characters from all kinds of books.

*Text from wikipedia.fr


manga difficulty 3/5

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Dessin chibi ice cream par YamPuff
Drawing chibi ice cream by YamPuff

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