Travel Egypt capital Cairo coloring

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Travel Egypt capital Cairo coloring.


First, Cairo is the capital and largest city of Egypt. Its population is over sixteen million, making it the largest city in the Middle East and the second in Africa behind Lagos. Although Al-Qāhira is the official name, in Egyptian Arabic it is more often referred to as Masr (the Arabic name for Egypt) or el-Qahéra. It is located upstream of the Nile delta, on the banks of the river as well as on some adjacent islands. In addition, it is 220 km southeast of Alexandria and 150 km west of the Suez Canal. The inhabitants of Cairo are called Cairotes.

Moreover, the Memphis region has long been a major center of ancient Egypt. Around the 4th century, the Romans established the fortress city of Babylon along the east bank of the Nile. From the conquest of Egypt by the Arabs in 641, Al-Fustat became an administrative and religious center. The Fatimids and their troops made up of Kotama Berbers from Algeria founded the current urban core, then named Al-Mansûriyyah, to make it their new capital.

Moreover, located on the spice route between Europe and Asia, the city experienced a long period of prosperity. And around 1340, the population of Cairo reached half a million inhabitants, which already made it one of the largest cities in the Arab world. Under the Ottoman Empire, the city lost its status as capital in favor of Istanbul. Becoming the capital of modern Egypt in 1922, it experienced a strong population growth and became the political and economic center of North Africa and the Arab world, today home to a large number of multinational companies and organizations, including the Arab League.

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Voyage égypte capitale Caire à colorier
Travel Egypt capital Cairo coloring

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