Twin faces drawing by Leen Margot

Today we offer you for coloring the Twin Faces drawing by Leen Margot. Get it by pressing on the coloring page that you will find a little further down. Print this coloring and enjoy this moment of relaxation! Afterwards, come and show us your work, via Facebook and/or Instagram (with the tags #artherapieca and

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Twin faces drawing by Leen Margot.


First, the face is the external area of the anterior part of the skull of the human being, also called face or figure. It is structured around bony areas housing several sense organs; it includes in particular the skin, the chin, the mouth, the lips, the philtrum, the teeth, the nose, the cheeks, the eyes, the eyebrows, the forehead, the hair and the ears.

Furthermore, each face is unique, which makes it an essential element of identity and a basis for identifying people. It is an essential vector for social interactions and empathy and for non-verbal communication. In particular via the expression of emotions allowed by the very great mobility and complexity of the orofacial muscles under the control of the facial nerve. In addition, humans like other primates have developed a special skill in the perception of faces.

In the visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.), the art of the portrait is a major and ancient theme, as evidenced by the celebrity of paintings such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci or the Palaeolithic representations of portraits found in caves dated to 27,000 years ago.

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woman difficulty 3/5

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Visages jumeaux dessin de Leen Margot
Twin faces drawing by Leen Margot

Artist Leen Margot offers you this coloring page:
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