Learn to draw hair

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Learn to draw hair.


First, a braid or braid is a way of assembling hair, threads or bundles of threads by intertwining. It is used among other things in the manufacture of ropes. The most common braid is an interlacing of three threads or thread bundles.

The braid is a hairstyle, it can be done with all the hair in a single central braid at the back of the head, on hair separated in two or in a multitude of small Afro-style braids. embellished or not with pearls.

In the collective imagination, two braids, one on each side of the head, are considered either as the typical hairstyle of the Amerindians, or as the hairstyle of “young girls of good family”.

The first traces of braided hairstyles date back to prehistoric times, as evidenced by the statuettes of the Lady of Brassempouy or the Venus of Willendorf, which date back more than 20,000 years BC. J.-C. and which proves that the braid is the oldest hairstyle in the world. We also find braids in the first African civilizations, such as ancient Egypt or the Nok civilization, whose members, both men and women, wore different types of braided hairstyles, among which the glued braids or African braids.

*Text from wikipedia.fr


hair difficulty 3/5

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Apprendre à dessiner les cheveux
Learn to draw hair

We adapted for you this coloring with an image by Macrovector, from the site ( freepik.com) and we hope you enjoy it. )

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