Bear Geometry Animal Coloring Pages Printable

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Bear geometry animal coloring page to print.


Firstly, bears form the Ursidae family of mammals, of the order Carnivora. There are only eight living bear species distributed in a wide variety of habitats, both in the Northern Hemisphere and in part of the Southern Hemisphere. Bears live on the continents of Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.

Modern bears are characterized by a large, stocky and massive body, a long snout, a dense coat, plantigrade legs with non-retractable five claws, and a short tail. The polar bear is mainly carnivorous while the giant panda feeds almost exclusively on bamboo. The other six species are omnivores, their varied diet mainly includes plants and animals.

Except during breeding and rearing of young, bears are solitary. In addition, they are generally diurnal, but also active at night or at dusk, especially around areas of human habitation. They are sometimes called “nocto-diurnal”. Helped by a keen sense of smell, despite its build, the bear can run quickly and swim, and climb certain walls or trees. Cavern-dwelling, he willingly takes refuge in caves, caverns and dens. In addition, most species spend the cold season sleeping there (overwintering).

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bear difficulty 3/5

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Coloriage animaux géométrie ours à imprimer
Bear Geometry Animal Coloring Pages Printable

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