free turtle printable animal drawing

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Drawing of animals to print free turtle.


First, The Tortoises (Testudines), or Chelonians, form an order of reptiles whose characteristic is to have a carapace. There is a wide variety of species with different characteristics, but all are distinguished from other reptiles by this carapace which consists of a breastplate at the level of the belly and a carapace on the top, connected by two bridges on the sides from the body. They are traditionally separated into three groups: tortoises, aquatic turtles, or freshwater turtles, and sea turtles.

Turtles are oviparous and spawning takes place about once a year. The young grow quickly, then their development slows down. The diet of turtles can consist of meat or plants depending on the species.

The 332 species of turtles are divided into 14 families. They are distributed over a large part of the globe and can live in very diverse habitats. Forty-two percent of these species are threatened with extinction, either due to the destruction of their habitats or excessive predation. In both cases, the influence of man is very important, despite the protective actions implemented.

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Turtle difficulty 4/5

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Dessin de animaux à imprimer tortue gratuite
free turtle printable animal drawing

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