5 reasons why the whole family should color

If you’ve seen the adult coloring book trend, you’ll know
that coloring isn’t just for kids; it is for the whole family. So, don’t hesitate to buy a coloring book for a family member and share the joy of coloring with them!

If you don’t know why you should use this hobby, here are five reasons to color.

It is a great stress reliever

The physical act of coloring is a great stress reliever, as it is relatively indiscriminate and repetitive. It takes no real skill and requires little attention to detail other than just staying within the lines. Plus, it’s easy enough for the whole family to take part in, so you can get coloring sheets or coloring books to suit all family members at varying skill levels.

Coloring promotes creativity

Even if you can’t draw a stick figure, you can create beautiful works of art by coloring a printed sheet. This promotes creativity in children and adults, and can provide a creative outlet for all ages. Different colors can improve mood. Stimulate creativity for best results, to encourage coloring in a wide range of colors.

Fun is good for you

Coloring requires very little thought beyond what color you are going to use. It’s the perfect way to “shut down” your brain for a bit and break away while studying or working on a big project. Unlike TV, coloring doesn’t overstimulate you, so it’s perfect for winding down at bedtime. Color for as long as you want, and you’ll still get the same benefits without fear of overstimulation.

It’s highly portable entertainment

No batteries required unless you want to use one of the coloring apps available on your smartphone. Coloring books are perfect for passing the time on a long bus, train or plane journey. Bring a coloring book and some markers for everyone in the family, and you can pass the time quietly.

Coloring helps improve fine motor skills

There’s a reason children are encouraged to color at an early age. The act of maneuvering a pencil over a specific spot on the page helps engage the parts of the brain responsible for motor skills. As we age, if we don’t use our hands for things like drawing and writing, we can help slow the loss of motor skills. In an age where keyboards are increasingly being used for communication, coloring can help keep our brains healthy.

Give each member of your family their own coloring book and crayons, and enjoy this hobby together. It’s not only a great way to spend more time together, it’s also a great way to relieve stress and keep vs coordination skills as you get older.